Private Messaging Disabled

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Private Messaging Disabled

Post by Steve » Sun Dec 14, 2014 2:19 pm

To simplify forum registration, I've simply disabled the private messaging system. This seems the simplest way to prevent spambots from pestering existing users. Please let me know if this causes any inconvenience, but from what I can tell the majority of private messages were simply being sent to me. If you have any private question to ask, please contact me directly at

Due to spam bots, new user registration requires manual activation.

After creating an account, please send an email to to request that your account be activated.

Spam bots have created roughly 250 user request activations in the last two days. These latest bots spam the forums to get their post count up and then send private messages to every user on the member list. This seems to be the only foolproof way to ensure that current forum members are not pestered.

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